Workers’ Compensation (WSIB) Workers’ Compensation in Ontario is managed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  Provincially-regulated employers in Ontario are required to register with the Board and to pay a monthly premium based on the company’s size and industry.  If an employee is injured or suffers an illness at work, such that (s)he requires medical attention or loses pay, the employer is required to report the accident or incident to the WSIB within three calendar days of learning of the event.

The WSIB provides employees who are injured at work with benefits that help them to compensate for loss of earnings etc.   In most cases, an employee covered by WSIB does not have the right to sue his/her employer for a work-related accident.

If employees work in more than one province, they must be covered in each province where they work.

Customers may request a WSIB Clearance before allowing suppliers’ employees to work at their sites.  This certifies that the workers are covered, and that premiums are up to date.  Clearances may be ordered electronically through WSIB’s eClearance service (available on their website), and are valid for 90 days.

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