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Orientation and Onboarding (The New Employee)

Orientation and Onboarding refer to the process of getting the employee in position and up to speed.  The first few weeks on a new job are crucial: as managers evaluate the employee’s fit for the organization, and as the employee assesses the company’s fit with his/her expectations.  The more that is done to make the person feel comfortable during this period, the more likely that there will be a happy, committed hire.

Prior to the new person joining the organization, let the team know that person’s name and start date.  On the first day, take the new employee around, explain the layout, and introduce the rest of the team.  Assign someone to show the new person the ropes, and make sure (s)he is included in group activities such as lunch and breaks.

Plan the first week’s work: make sure the new person knows what to expect.  Assign a mentor who can answer questions and resolve problems for the first few weeks.

Be available and keep in touch with the mentor and the new employee.

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