Employment Equity

While provincially-regulated businesses are not covered by the federal Employment Equity Act, they may be covered by the Federal Contractors’ Program, which states that “organizations that have 100 or more employees and want to bid on a federal government contract or standing offer of $1 million or more must first sign a Certificate of Commitment to implement employment equity.”  

The federal Employment Equity Act requires employers to conduct a workforce analysis and to develop plans to improve their hiring, retention, and promotion of people from four designated groups that are traditionally under-represented in the workforce.  The groups are: Women, Aboriginal Canadians, Visible Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities.

 For details, refer to the website provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: 


Federal Contractors’ Program: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/employment-equity/federal-contractor-program.html

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