Human Resources Consultant with over twenty years' experience

About Me

After spending over twenty years in Human Resources: with a major Canadian chartered bank, a Fortune 1000 medical instrument company, and as a freelance consultant, I am now retired, but happy to answer questions  for old clients and friends:

contact me at purie@urhr.ca or Phone: 226-750-3596


A hands-on manager with both strategic and tactical experience

11 years’ experience developing practices, policies and procedures with a privately-owned international biomedical company

12 years’ experience applying best practices in a publicly-traded, global biomedical company

A person of integrity

A common-sense approach: understands that H.R. ‘s role is to support the business

Member of the  Human Resource Professionals Association for 25 years from 1990 to 2015

Certified Human Resource Professional/Leader (CHRP/CHRL) 1990 to 2015



Testimonial from a General Manager

Pam performs her work with a high level of integrity and professionalism. What makes her unique is her ability to effectively blend the technical and legal aspects of her HR function, with a strong sense of making her interactions personable and human. Her objective views, fairness and listening skills, serve the HR function well and are key contributors to her success when dealing with complex situations.

Testimonial from a Sales Manager

I have had the privilege of working with Pam … I always found her to be a trusted colleague and advisor. She has a unique ability to mediate through tough interpersonal challenges and present clearly thought out actions in difficult situations. She has a keen sense of what the business needs are, and is particularly skilled in leveraging the human component of business success. Her knowledge of Canadian Labour and Equity law was most valuable to our corporation. I would recommend Pam as a valuable resource manager.

Testimonial from an Applications Specialist

Pam…is a dedicated person and has the people’s interest at heart. Pam has been very active in supplying the necessary tools in order to help employees understand certain aspects of the various company plans. She is a great Human Resources Manager and I highly recommend her as she will be a great asset to any organization.

Testimonial from a Senior Search Consultant

Pam is an amazing individual; one who truly puts the human in Human Resources. I have worked with Pam as a service provider and could not help but notice her ability to relate easily with all kinds of people. She has a talent for problem solving, is creative, energetic and hard working. If I had to describe Pam I would say she is focused on strategic planning, people, processes and partnerships. I highly recommend Pam for any company who wants to foster a strong relationship with their employees!





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